Twi Teacher: Exclusive Interview With Kahaz

After his phenomenal debut battle on Lyrical Wars, Kahaz instantly earned an almost God-like status online & within the Ghana battle rap community. It’s been some time since the debut release battle against Zick Hustle (Aka Bobo).

    With no continuous release of material, the question that has been on everybody’s lips is “Where is Kahaz’.


Twi Teacher caught up with the ‘God Mc’before his classic battle with K-BO

Twiteacher: Kahaz, thanks for your time man, what’s been good with you’

Kahaz: You are welcome my brother. I’ve been occupied with school and academic activities solely.

Twiteacher: That’s great to be in touch with you as we have not seen you in a minute. 1st and foremost, How did you Get Into Battling & and who influenced you.

Kahaz: I got into battling when I was in high school watching smack Url videos [Jae Mills, Mook, Jin etc] the passion grew but I completely lost interest in it along the line until my brother Flippa re-introduced me to them and the passion grew back up again

Twiteacher: ‘What motivates you to battle? Tell us more about your thought process while writing for a battle’

Kahaz: First off, my opponents motivate me to battle. You know how most of the time before a match up you might hear scary statements about your opponent e.g. “he killed 5 mcs in one night yo!, “he once rapped for 4 hours non-stop” you know those gassing remarks acquaintances make about their mans before a battle. These situations drive me and give me the impetus to go ahead and de-mystify my opponents abilities. Also the thought of challenging myself to write thought provoking verses to get the people going motivates me too.

Twiteacher: How did the Zick Hustle Battle come to fruition & how long did you have to prepare for him?


Kahaz: After weeks of persuasion from GRP i finally agreed to take on Zick. I was so afraid because I hadn’t heard him rap before and there was rarely any material of his I could chance upon and judge him by. I had about 2 months to prepare.

Twiteacher: As great as your material was against Zick Hustle, One can’t justify this God-like status from only one performance. What do you say to those who have placed you on such pedal stool?

Kahaz: Initially I was shocked like me? A god? GTFOH I am no deity stop addressing me as a god‘I’m just a regular human but as I went home and sat back and reflected on some of the highlights of the battle, the incredible reactions I had from the folks present at the event, I took it all in good faith. That night could’ve gone completely sideways and what if the fans didn’t vibe with me? I accept whatever pedestal the people place me on, they decide what you become in their eyes anyway.


Twiteacher: Lyrical Wars has managed to bridge the gap between lyrically gifted mainstream artists & Ghanaian battle rappers. Congrats to yourself and the staff at Lyrical Wars. What is your view of such a merge of the 2 worlds, at such an early phase in the battle rap culture in Ghana. When I say early phase, I mean an actual League.

Kahaz: I think it’s a very important step in solidifying hip hops place in the country. It is essential that people who love and associate themselves with the movement recognise and appreciate the value of true lyricism in any manner in which it is presented regardless of whether one is a mainstream artist or a lesser known 1.

Twiteacher: Name a mainstream rapper that you would like to battle.

Kahaz: C Real probably

                               A Little Bit More About Kazha

Twiteacher: What is your favourite battle of all time?

Kahaz: It has to be Lux vs Mook pt1

Twiteacher: List your top 5 battlers of all time

Kahaz: Loaded Lux, Chilla Jones, Hitman Holla, Lotta Zay, Danny Myers subject to change

Twiteacher: Top 5 Mc’s Of All Time?

Kahaz: Pac, Nas, Jadakiss, The WU-tang, Guru

Twiteacher: Where do you see Battle Rap in Ghana in the next 3 years

Kahaz: I see it becoming the major mouthpiece of hip hop in Ghana and also a   lucrative business enterprise?

Twiteacher: What can we expect from Kahaz in the next 6 Months Music, Battles, Videos & Interviews

Kahaz: You should expect a couple of battles, my debut video and an Ep most definitely

You can follow Kahaz and all his updates on Twitter by clicking Here

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Sexy Sounds Of Ghana

A new feature to Checkout out our compiled playlist titled ‘Sexy Sounds Of Ghana’.

Sexy Sounds Of Ghana 3

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Twi Teacher – I Gave You Dumsor (Teaser)

Akon has a project which intends to supply 600 Million people in Africa with electric, when the project is completed and Ghana has constant flow of electric, Akon can proudly say I Gave You Power.

Ghana needs this, if it is to conquer ‘Dumsor’ Power Outages.

In 1996 Dj Premier & Nas demonstrated the type of power a gun has in the classic track, ‘I Gave You Power’.
Channeling Akon’s drive along with Dj Premier & Nas’s creativity, Twi Teacher brings ‘I Gave You Dumsor’

Using Dumsor as a metaphor, Twi Teacher takes the listener from being the average electric consumer to being ‘Dumsor’ whilst touching upon the joy’s of possessing the power that impact lives as well business’s in Ghana.

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Video: Sarkodie Feat. Ace Hood – New Guy

Sarkodie releases the hotly anticipated video for New Guy.

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Hurricane Fizz ‘The World Is Late’ (Mixtape)

Hurricane Fizz drops ‘The World Is Late’. The latest offering features appearances from Mr Smif & Kahaz. Be sure to have a listen.

Personal Recommended Tracks:


They Don’t Care

Follow @HurricaneFizz

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Lyrical Wars GH Present’s Ecribz Vs A Clipse 1

Ghana’s premier battle league is back with Ecribz Vs A Clipse… Watch it and comment on who you think won

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Ghanaians Always Answer A Question With Another Question. #GhanaMovement #GhanaiansBelike #Twiteacher

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